Mickey Wiebe’s Keys to Success

18 Oct

Mickey Wiebe, President of Xcaret Company has years of consulting experience, specifically in the high-tech, real estate, aerospace and defense, non-profit organizations and corporate development sectors. Having played the role of Senior Executive in many of these industries, Mickey Wiebe understands the needs of her clients and caters to each of them individually. She consults both investors and developers to help them creatively finance their projects, using tactics that have a proven track record of success. She often encourages project-based financing over credit-based financing, allowing the focus to be placed on the assets and merits of the project itself. This leads to 6-8% interest rates with flexible long-term payment options.

Throughout her career, Mickey Wiebe has helped to raise billions of dollars for various projects in the entertainment, technology, aerospace and defense and real estate development industries. She has three tips for having a successful career:

  • Remain Goal Oriented: Often times, individuals have so much going on that they lose sight of the bigger picture. Vowing to keep you eyes on the prize, or the goal, ensures you will keep working for the same reasons you started with. Goals help set standards and help us reach for something that is attainable.
  • Trustworthiness: In the financial sector, it is easy to twist the truth or tell your clients exactly what they want to hear, despite inaccuracy. By committing to honesty, clients see you as a trustworthy person and will end up trusting you with more in the end.
  • Put others Before Yourself: Working can be redundant, when you are using your talents for the same projects day in and day out. Volunteer outside of work. This will allow you to put others above yourself and really make a difference in the world.

Mickey has brought in over $2 billion dollars for clients by following these guidelines. For more information, visit www.Xcaretcompany.com


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13 Oct

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